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Blossom Design Painted Furniture


Blossom design hand painted furnitureThis blossom painted furniture was originally a plain (not very attractive) cupboard. I painted it with a pale green basecoat and then hand painted a blossom design over the top. This was then gently distressed and varnished to make it long lasting


Commissioning Hand Painted Furniture

Furniture, like walls, can be painted with any designs and finishes in order to complement or add a wow factor to rooms in your house. I can paint an old piece of furniture that needs a revamp or a new one.

If you would like some blossom painted furniture or if you have an alternative image or design that you would like painted then please get in touch. I am happy to talk through any ideas you have and  can give you an idea of cost. Smaller pieces of furniture can be painted in my studio or for if it is a large piece I can come to your house to paint it.


Blossom Painted Furniture

hand painted blossom design on furnitureI worked from a small photo of some blossom to design this piece of furniture.

Just a sample of fabric, a photo or even just a colour is all that’s needed to start a design, I can work with whatever inspiration you have!