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This Flower Fairy mural was commissioned for a girl’s bedroom. The proposed wall was narrow and so needed a design that would suit this space._DSC7687

I painted the plants along the bottom, and the tree up the side, to frame the mural. I used the original wall colour, a pale purple, as the background to help it tie in with the rest of the bedroom.


They wanted a mural that would be bright and cheerfu,l but also one that would remain popular as the the child grew.

The list of images I needed to include in the mural were:

  • Fairies
  • Flowers
  • Bugs and butterflies
  • Toadstool

Detail of a Flower Fairy mural

The fairies were painted in a style similar to that of the ‘Flower Fairies’ and the overall colour was bright and bold.

Everyone was pleased with the final result!